About the Area

Masstown had its beginnings with French settlers, known as the Acadians, settling the area near Cobequid Bay in 1705. Just up from Masstown Market, is a cairn marking the site of the first Acadian church in Nova Scotia.  The area is predominately farmland, with beef, pork, dairy and egg production. Wild Blueberries, strawberries, corn, pumpkins, carrots and other vegetables are grown commercially.

The Blue Route, has established a 55km bicycle route through Wentworth Valley beginning at Masstown Market and ending in Wallace.

Bicycle Nova Scotia has certified Masstown Market as a Bike Friendly Destination.

Local walking trails include MacElmons Pond Provincial Park and Mi’kmawey Debert Interpretive Trail. Victoria Park, 15 minutes away in Truro, NS has beautiful walking trails, also. 

Businesses in the area include Masstown Guardian Pharmacy, Masstown Hardware, Masstown Movement Fitness, Double C Restaurant, Masstown Tim Horton's Express, Masstown Greco Express, Masstown Petro Canada, Masstown Butcher, Masstown Creamery and Masstown Market.

In the neighboring community of Debert you will find an airport, Military Museum, WWII Bunker, Debert Hospitality Centre and an Industrial Park. A beautiful drive along the shore takes in the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark, a UNESCO site, with more than 40 impressive geosites. You can stop for a swim at Five Islands Provincial Park, hike into Economy Falls or enjoy a lovely tour of the Dutchman's Cheese Farm in Economy.


Children enjoy the variety of animals and poultry at the Dutchman's Farm.  You will enjoy the Cheese.


Gorgeous scenery can be observed along the Fundy Shore.  Much of it is now a UNESCO protected area.


This Cairn at the United Church in Masstown marks the site of the first
Acadian church in NS.