Dairy Bar

Whether it is an ice cream cone, a sundae, a milk shake or any of our other wonderful choices, we are sure that you will find something to enjoy at our year round Dairy Bar. Yes, we are open all four seasons!

We carry a large selection of Scotsburn ice cream flavors and if you have a favourite, we likely have it.  One scoop, two scoop or three scoop on your choice of a regular cone, freshly made waffle cone, gluten free cone or in a dish.

Switch up those flavors in the banana split, try sprinkles on your sundae, or isn't it time for a root beer float?  Think like a kid again and enjoy our dairy bar experience.


What is your favorite flavour of ice cream? Will that be one scoop or two?


Enjoy a sundae any day of the week...you won't be disappointed.


Many kids have had their first job scooping ice cream at Masstown Market.