Masstown Market is the place to find that perfect gift.  No matter the occasion, the Masstown Market has four locations where you can shop for gifts.  From our award winning gift shop to the Masstown Butcher, you will find what you need.   

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Market Gifts

A stroll through the Market's Gift Boutique is delight any time of year. Displays are always changing, making each visit unlike any other. Browse our trending fashions, foot ware and accessories to find a new look just waiting for you.
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Lighthouse Gifts

Don't miss a stop at the Lighthouse on your visit to Masstown Market where you will find a large collection of nautical and Maritime themed gift items on display, along with useful kitchen items, spices, confectioneries, and even locally bottled wines.

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Nautical Gifts found in Lighthouse Giftshop

Butcher Gifts

The art of preparing meals is much more satisfying when you have cookware you enjoy using. You are sure to find something unique to brighten your own kitchen or the perfect gift for a special someone.
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Creamery Gifts

Take your time wandering about the Creamery's bakeware and home accessory displays. The giftware lines are filled with vibrant colours to brighten any kitchen and bring joy to whatever you are baking.
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Close to Home

Visit our newly opened “Close to Home” in the atrium of Masstown Butcher Shop & Creamery highlighting local Maritime-based and Canadian artisans.
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