Butcher and Creamery

Masstown Butcher and Masstown Creamery opened on Thursday, Aug. 9th. The two businesses are like bookends to the grand hall, with plenty of climate controlled comfortable seating. We won’t give out too much detail, to keep it a surprise for your first visit.

Masstown Butcher

The butchers are kept busy filling the display case with fresh cuts
everyday. If you don’t see something you want, just ask.

Cast iron cookware collection helps make cooking to perfection a breeze.

Hot meals, ready to serve everyday! How about Chef’s tasty meatloaf, oven
roasted chicken, braised beef or short ribs?

Masstown Creamery

Try a new cheese a day. The creamery is well stocked with assorted

Hardywares jams, jellies, pickles & relishes from small-batch traditional recipes. Visit Hardywares for more info.

Coming soon…Masstown Creamery milk, butter and cheese.